turn data into strategy

Your business likely generates and receives an ever increasing amount of data from many different sources. There are a number of 'business intelligence' products on the market all claiming to magically turn your data into actionable insights.

However, without a well thought out data strategy pinpointing why you're capturing this data and what you're looking to understand from it, then at best you will gain no insights and possibly even overlook or misrepresent the information you need.

With well incorporated business intelligence, your business will;

  • create a shared data language across the organisation
  • understand the drivers and KPIs that drive your organisation
  • learn how to collect the right data
  • have access to easy to understand and timely dashboards, data visualisations and reports
  • gain insights
  • make strategic data driven decisions



I can help your business in the following capacities;


  • recommendations and best practices on how to gather your data for analysis
  • developing a data strategy
  • identifying the best software solutions 
  • how to best analyse your data and gain insights

Data Design

  • Designing visualisations and dashboards to provide insightful, actionable and easy to understand key metrics


  • Self service business intelligence and predictive analysis with IBM Watson Analytics
  • Data visualisations and dashboards with Microsoft Power BI or Tableau
  • Infographics for presentations

Social Media Analytics

  • Tools to gather business intelligence from  social media sources to measure customer conversation, demographics, geolocation, sentiment analysis and competitor analysis



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